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At the bottom right of any of the N3C website pages is now a link that will take you directly to the N3C Facebook page. This will allow you much more flexibility getting between the sites. Go ahead....give it a shot. Also, don't forget to "Like" the website let's us know you are thinking
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Somebody Lived Here  

Release April 28, 2006. This is the first collection for N3C with this configuration. The content reflects the wide-ranging influences from Bluegrass to JT to Clapton. It contains the familiar 3-part harmony Third Coasters have come to expect. If you
Somebody Lived Here
The Sauna Song
Oklahoma Wind
The Auction
Plain Clothes Poet
Back On My Feet
Bottles Of Tears
Garden Heart
Would I (The Protest Song)
Captain McSorley
The Old Way
Home In The Country
1 Heart 4 2 Souls
I Believe In You

It Is What It Is!