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With heavy heart, we share the news that Patrick's father, Reuben, passed away last evening in Marquette. He was a genuine Yooper who raised his family and tended the farm near Pelkie, Michigan. His legacy will carry on through his children, many grandchildren, and those who were fortunate to have
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Rodger Davis Posted: Oct 31, 2016
Newport Beach, CA
Hi Guys:

I am from California but I think Northern Michigan is the most amazing place in the world. When I think of the mood and feeling I get while I am up north, I always think of your music. I remember the first time ever seeing you guys at the old whiskers at the homestead and you played a song called "Wondering Why" that was on your first album. This must have been 1998 or maybe before. I was just wondering if you had a digital recording?

Unfortunately, that disc is out of print. We may be able to find it for you. If so, we will let you know. Hmmm....was it really 18 years ago?!? We've not aged a bit! Thank you for the kind words.

Jeanine Hair Posted: Sep 9, 2016
Traverse City, Michigan USA
Saw you at Lake Ann Brewery on August 30th and loved your sound. When everyone sang along to "Country Roads" by John Denver, I got goosebumps! Thanks for a great evening.

Thanks Jeanine! We love LABC....we'll be back Tuesdays starting June, 2017.

Cindy Ruzak Posted: Mar 19, 2016
Traverse City/MI/USA
Great performance at the Indoor Folk Festival, and even enjoyed the more rowdy time at Art's due to the fun vibe of your music

Dory Kipker Posted: Jul 9, 2015
Holland michigan
You guys were awesome last night at the boondocks! we would've danced all night if our parents would've let us ;)
Thanks again!!
Harper Tegan

Thank you.....thank you!

Yonko Posted: Jan 3, 2015
Ann Arbor, MI
Great job playing! We would love to hear Gavin Degraw's Not Over You. Thanks!

Zbikowski Posted: Sep 29, 2013
Grand Rapids
Love your music. We will be in Glen Arbor the weekend of October 18th wondering were you will be playing. Your calender is blank.

Terry Herman Posted: Sep 2, 2013
Traverse City
Saw you yesterday at Booneapalooza and as usual a GREAT show. Nice to see so much talent along with the enthusiasm and joy that you bring to the stage and share with your audience. Can't wait to see you again!!!

N3C: Thanks Terry! It was an awesome day!!

Carryn Lund Posted: Aug 26, 2013
Ann Arbor, MI
New Third Coast is incredible, and I couldn't recommend them more highly. I found them online as my fiance and I were planning our Suttons Bay, MI, wedding and they were nothing but helpful from start to finish. Patrick went above and beyond to make sure that every detail related to music was covered, and the guys played a wonderful mix of music (including requests!). They are talented musicians who added a lot to our wedding day!

N3C: Thanks Carryn! What a beautiful event. We'll be glad to play at your 50th Anniversary.....

Judy Dietrich Posted: Feb 16, 2013
Royal Oak, MI
I need a N3C fix. Miss you guys......will have to settle for another couple of months of your amazing CDs until we can get there safely. Keep warm and keep cranking out that beautiful sound!!!!

Rob Ahnen Posted: Dec 2, 2012
Guys: Just writing to say that we saw you folks play at Boone Docks in August, 2011. My sister lives in Lake Ann and we couldn't wait to see you perform. Pat remembers playing at my wedding in Ironwood back in 1982. Wherever play, it will be memorable. My 87 y/o mother enjoyed you thoroughly. As always the music was the greatest. Good to see you fellas and hope to make this a regular event.

N3C: Thank you!!

Patty Posted: Sep 24, 2012
Remus, MI
Are you playing anywhere northern Michigan in November?

For the most part, no. We've taken the fall off. Everybody had other obligations. Look for a Christmas week start-up. We'll be back in the saddle for the winter season.

Marion VanLoo Posted: Sep 10, 2012
Jackson Michigan
Please let me know what is needed to book your group for an event. I am chairing a conference in July 2013 and we are searching for evening entertainment. You may be just what we'd like! Email at
Thank you!

Sara Posted: May 8, 2012
Waynesville, OH
Where will you guys be playing on Memorial Day weekend?

N3C kicks off summer on June 2nd on the Boone Dock's deck. The schedule is being sure to check it out!

jerry Crawford Posted: Oct 4, 2011
Northville, Michigan
Everytime we go to the Glen Arbor area we look you guys up...any chance you will be playing Oct.8-11?

Sorry....just saw this. We were NOT playing that weekend. However, if you are around, we WILL be on the deck to end the season on Saturday, October 22!

Michael Posted: Mar 20, 2011
Beulah, MI
I attended the Glen Arbor Pub Crawl on March 19 and was exhilerated by the music performed by New Third Coast. Not only are they great musicians but, they harmonize together as well as any group I've heard. I would definitely recommend setting a date to see these guys perform. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

N3C: Well.....thank you very much!

gary kennedy Posted: Mar 18, 2011
traverse city-cedar valley
just saw an interview on the upnorth show.
Very well done. I only hear good things about you guys.

ed kriskywicz Posted: Feb 15, 2011
manistee, mi.
sounds great!

Terry Herman Posted: Feb 14, 2011
Traverse City
Saw you guys yesterday at the music festival. Awesome job as usual. Also liked the combination with Jim Crockett. Keep it up.

Dave Smith Posted: Jan 24, 2011
Rochester Mi
We saw you guys last weekend at Beppi's. It was so fun to listen to the music, harmony, and lyrics. I loved it. I picked up a CD and have been listening to it since in the car. Looking forward to seeing you guys again Winterfest weekend.

Well...thank you very, very much!

Steve Tuttle Posted: Sep 1, 2010
Traverse City, Michigan
Perfect at our wedding, perfect at Boondocks... just plain perfect. A joy to the ears and the soul. Thanks.

Pat Harrison Posted: Jul 13, 2010
Maple City
I met some old timers who heard you in Empire who told me 'yes sir, that was some real music.....not like the crap them boogaloo kids call sir, this was the real McCoy. I asked who played and they said it was some band that had something to do with beaches. 'The New Third Coast?' I asked. 'You bet yer boots son!' was the reply. 'Them boys do it like it's supposed to be done'!

Chris Melvin Posted: Apr 28, 2010
Dixon, Illinois USA
Heard your band play at Boondocks last year while on vacation in Northern Michigan and thought it was great. The outdoor atmosphere combined with your music and a few pints of Guinness made it a special 40th birthday for me. I have burned up your CD "It Is What It Is!" as well as playing off your website. I think your cover CD should be inclusive of the likes of James Taylor; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Gordon Lightfoot, John Prine, etc.

Hey! Thanks for the input. And, thanks for listening! N3C

Grand Rapids Gals Posted: Nov 25, 2009
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Any chance you'll be at Beppies in January?


Jolyn Sanderson Posted: Jun 26, 2009
Ann Arbor
Hope to see you play this weekend, bringing some friends and family, LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!

Brittney Hohn Posted: Apr 21, 2009
Beaver Island MI Charlevoix

Brandt SMith Posted: Jan 3, 2009
Cincinnati, OH
Hey, I'm trying to locate Kurt Westie. We played music together in Indianapolis. I played banjo, dobro, and sang) I just listed to Love Addiction as it came up in rotation on my computer. Not bad. Bordering on pretty good. Evfgen after all these years, I think it stands up. Tell him to email me at
tnx, brandt

Jamie Stepanian-Bennett Posted: Jun 29, 2008
love the music as I have heard the previous 3 summers in Glen Arbor...and again looking forward this August....please let me know if you're headed downstate...anytime in the future...can't wait until August 17

GR Gals Posted: Jun 3, 2008
Hey N3C, Received one of your CDs for my birthday - it is all I listen to in the car (well, when the kids don't switch to their pop music)! Love it! Look forward to seeing your summer schedule - hoping the "same time next year" doesn't have to be a whole year!

Lafe Posted: Mar 9, 2008
Montpelier, VT
I need a Third Coast fix. I'm recording in San Diego for the month of April: I'll try to catch you on the way back across if you'll get rid of the Michigan cold....

Good luck with the sessions! The glacier should have retreated by April!! Bring your camera and we'll save a seat for you to sit in. Safe travels.

YVONNE Posted: Mar 1, 2008

Grand Rapids gals Posted: Feb 10, 2008
GR, Mi
We love you guys- so much fun at Beppies- thanks for the fun and memories Up North!

We're starting to feel a bit like Alan Alda! Same Time Next Year?

N3C Posted: Nov 26, 2007
Winter season is coming along..schedule should be close to complete within the week.
We are in rotation and enjoying nice exposure of "It Is What It Is" on our finest local radio station, WNMC....
....hope see you out and about at the places to go for music

N3C Posted: Aug 17, 2007
Maple City, MI
Click on the link listed above. On the left you will find a "Video" link. Open it to view a clip from the June 2nd Live concert in Leland. Enjoy!

Renee Posted: Aug 9, 2007
Vicksburg, Michigan
You guys are absolutely awesome!! After seeing you play at Memorial Park I was absolutely awed!!! The CD is fine also, but seeing you guys live is the best!!! LY

Patrick Posted: Jun 25, 2007
Wah!, MI
We delivered the record for mastering a couple of days ago. It sounds pretty good. Bryan is working on the art and Johnny is working on replication. Everything points to a delivery date around the second or third week of July. Vedy, vedy, vedy soon....

Patrick Posted: Jun 3, 2007
Maple City, MI
Thanks to all who were at last night's big gig at The Old Art Building. We will be working vedy vedy vedy hard to get the CD together soon. Stem to stern, the whole evening was a great time.

Soft rock on!


Randall Posted: Apr 28, 2007
ps.. are there any Coasters shirts available yet?!!

Not yet! But, we are working on it. Stay tuned.

Randall Posted: Apr 28, 2007
East Lansing, MI
hey boys,

the music sounds great. i can't wait to get up there and hear it live!

Judy Dietrich Posted: Apr 11, 2007
Royal Oak, MI
Waiting to make "up-north" travel plans based on where you guys will be playing. Please post you summer schedule soon!!!!

JOHNNY Posted: Mar 26, 2007
New Third Coast can also be found on third coast. Check it gets more interesting every day...

Andy (AJ) Spence Posted: Jan 15, 2007
Isabella County, Michigan
Hey you guys!

Cindy and I thoroughly enjoyed your show Sunday in Muskegon. Great musicianship, harmonies, songwriting, and performance. Also, excellent live sound, balance and dynamics. And it is obvious you are all having fun! We really enjoyed seeing your show and listening to your latest CD. Keep up the great "work" and we'll surely see you "up North" soon.

Talk soon,

Andy & Cindy Spence, "the flatlanders".

Thanks Andy & Cindy! It is "fun" while we "work!" It was a warm welcome we received from Muskegon. See you soon,

Ashley Posted: Jan 1, 2007
Royal Oak, MI, USA
I watched you guys at the homestead and you have a great sound, I could listen to you all day!!

Kara Zastrow Posted: Dec 13, 2006
Midland, MI
Hi there guys! The family is excited once again to come up to patrol the Homestead and listen to the likes of our favor group N3C! All 5 of us now... Thanks for all of the joy you've brought us through your music. We've spent many a nights falling asleep to your music! :)

Jeff Gordon Posted: Oct 23, 2006
Muskegon, MI
I just wanted to say thanks for a great night of music at Grace Bible College!!! I introduced a few friends to N3C and they loved every bit of it. I have been listening to 3C since 1998'ish and have been enjoying it ever since. I look forward to seeing you at Boone Docks or where ever.
Thanks again,

Thanks Jeff! By the way, great racing!!

Patrick Posted: Aug 15, 2006
Holy Wah! Recording Studio and Brewery
Many thanks to Jim Crockett, John Mauk, Chris Skellenger, and Andre Villoch for filling in for Johnny while he was away on vacation. As always, it's a pleasure to have Norm Wheeler, Tommy Fordyce and Kurt Westie join in on occasion. We have a great time working with all of these members our musical family...

Judy Dietrich Posted: Aug 14, 2006
Royal Oak, MI, Oakland
This group is the best! My husband Dennis and I wouldn't dream of heading north without first checking out where these guys are playing. A trip to the Traverse City area wouldn't be complete without the New Third Coast.
Keep up the good work.
You guys are AMAZING!!!!!

Zack Sepanik Posted: Aug 9, 2006
Hey Uncle Bryan. Keep up the great singing. Always fun to listen to you!

Thanks Zack! We will. See you next weekend!
Uncle Bryan

Lisa Posted: Aug 7, 2006
Montpelier, Vermont
Wanted to get a little international flair here...OK, at least New England. I've known Bryan for 1/2 dozen years and at least as many lifetimes. Kudos to you, my friend! The website is well done - fun, too. Your music is incredible and joined with Pat and John truly uncomparable. Lafe (the photographer) and I always enjoy any chance we have to give you an audience. Thanks guys, you're the best!

David McIntire Posted: Aug 5, 2006
Norton Shores, MI

Thanks loads for two evenings of your finest. Hope the folks in Leelanau continue to appreciate your talents. Look forward to the next time!


Renee Posted: Aug 5, 2006
Vicksburg, Michigan USA
I have just heard about New Third Coast, however have a long history of Bryan's singing and guitar playing. Since he is the the best, of course next to John Denver, I am sure the band will flurish. Good luck to you all, may God be with you.

Bryan Posted: Jul 31, 2006
Cedar, Michigan
Please feel free to leave your thoughts! Just keep in mind children may see this. Remember, "What would your mother think?"


It Is What It Is!