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Thanks for listening....for coming out and supporting our musical effort. We know you have many choices pulling at you. We never take for granted the many folks who come find us and share in this collective we call life. It is late summer. We are tired. And, that is as deep as we intend to get!
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Thank You
Thanks for listening....for coming out and supporting our musical effort. We know you have many choices pulling at you. We never take for granted the many folks who come find us and share in this collective we call life. It is late summer. We are tired. And, that is as deep as we intend to get! Wink, wink...
Hop Lot, Friday, 8/24/18, Cancelled - Expected Rain
8/29 at Boone Dock's Cxl'd
Just a heads up....8/29 has been cancelled. The deck will be closed Sunday thru Thursday the week before Labor Day.
Summer Schedule
The 2018 N3C summer schedule is largely complete and posted. Be sure to check back periodically for changes, but this should be where to find us!
Winter Schedule
The N3C winter schedule is starting to trickle in. We will be posting as dates come available. Be sure to check here and the N3C Facebook page. It is easy to get to. Click on the "F" on the bottom, right of any page on our website to be taken directly to Facebook.
New Third Coast on Facebook
At the bottom right of any of the N3C website pages is now a link that will take you directly to the N3C Facebook page. This will allow you much more flexibility getting between the sites. Go ahead....give it a shot. Also, don't forget to "Like" the website let's us know you are thinking of us!
Prayers for Las Vegas
Scores killed and wounded for being in the wrong place/wrong time. A random shooter opened up an automatic weapon on concert-goers listening to music at an outdoor venue in Vegas. Prayers are needed! Thank you to all first responders that go INTO the line of fire as others flee! That is the definition of courage...
Patrick's Father....
With heavy heart, we share the news that Patrick's father, Reuben, passed away last evening in Marquette. He was a genuine Yooper who raised his family and tended the farm near Pelkie, Michigan. His legacy will carry on through his children, many grandchildren, and those who were fortunate to have made his acquaintance. And we bid you goodnight...
Adieu Summer
Thanks to all who came and listened! Summer, 2017 flew. Watch the calendar - we will post as soon as things come up. The next event is Friday, 9/22, at Hop Lot. Johnny's away, but able-bodied Doug Zernow will be sittin' in as N3Z takes the stage at this wonderful venue. It will be the second day of Autumn then - good reason to come drink beer!! You can make smores and stay warm by the fire......
Alert! Alert!
Wednesday, 8/30, at Boone Docks is cancelled. Music and the deck shuts down Saturday, 8/26. It will be open for Labor Day weekend and then weekends through the fall as weather permits.

So.....Tuesday, 8/29, at Lake Ann Brewing will be our last show of the summer! Wow!! Went way, way too fast. We will be at Hop Lot on Friday, 9/22, with Doug Zernow sittin' in for Johnny. Hope you can make the only German beer garden in Northern Michigan.
Hop Lot
Just a reminder.....this Saturday, 8/12, from 6-9 is our first time at Hop Lot in Suttons Bay. We have been looking forward to this. Should be a great time. Come out and have a smore while you sample awesome beverages and listen to the harmonies of N3C!
Summer '17
Attention! Attention! The summer schedule is now posted. That is all....
Winter Schedule....
Winter schedule is posted...and being updated on an ongoing basis. Be sure to check back as dates get added or times change.

Bill Hauxwell
It is with a heavy heart that we share the loss of a dear friend to us, William "Bill" Hauxwell. He loved life, a good beer, and good music. He was taken from us yesterday in an accident in an early-morning fog on M-72 and Maple City Road. Many photos we have shared here over the years are credited to Bill. His absence will leave a void in all of us.

Keep Bill and his kids in your thoughts and prayers over the upcoming days. His sudden loss will leave a wound that will take a long time to heal.

"Lay down my dear brother, lay down and take a rest...."
Thank You
Thank Boonedocks, Lake Ann Brewing, Rarebird, Northport, and, most importantly, all of you who made a point of coming out to listen and spending your hard-earned money. We are humbled at how you find us year after year. You motivate us to perform our best and leave you with the best product we can provide. On average, month after month, our website is visited 165 times per day. We know we have a responsibility to YOU. So, thank you!

We are now taking a well-deserved break. There will be a few days through the fall, so be sure to check the schedule. However, it will look nothing like the summer run.

We have already been asked to come back to Lake Ann Brewing on Tuesdays for Summer, 2017 - mark your calendar. We have also been asked to perform at the Grand Marais Music Festival next August - road trip. And, you will be able to find us at our home base of Boonedocks.

See you then and, again, THANK YOU....
Changed Dates
Heads up.....with summer winding down and staffing at Boonedock's becoming an issue (as it has been all summer in Glen Arbor), we are dropping Sunday, 8/28, and Wednesday, 8/30. We have rescheduled Jim Crockett's appearance to this Friday, 8/26. Come listen to a few tunes and help us draw the fastest season of the year to a close!
Community Automotive
The new photos added are from the Open House we played for Community Automotive Repair in Grand Rapids on Saturday, July 16, 2016. It was the most unique gig we have done. We set up, as you can see, UNDER a white Jag on a lift. Thank you, Dick and Joyce Zaagman, for having us. It was grand fun! You have a wonderful facility. Long may you run....
Summer Schedule Is Coming.....
Winter Schedule posted! It is a bit light this winter and there are dates to come, i.e., Indoor Folk Fest, Art's, etc. Be sure to check back. You may notice, for the first time in more than 30 years, some form of N3C will NOT be at the Homestead. They have chosen to go in a different direction. Seems all things must end.

See you out and about...
Final Surgery
Johnny is put back together! He is home recovering - cancer free! It has been a long journey, but he hopes to be back to "normal" soon. Depending on the healing process, he may or may not make the first few dates of the winter season. Doug Zernow - the 4th Coaster - is on call. Your prayers for Mr. K came through. Thank you
Mr. K is heading into surgery today, 9/8, to have the "pipes reconnected." This is what is hoped to be the last chapter of a challenged year and a half for him health-wise. He will be in the hospital for 7-10 days and then recovering at home for a couple of months under the watchful eye of his sister.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. We will keep you abreast of his progress here as well as our Facebook page.
Dates Added
N3C will be on the Boonedock's deck from 6-9 this Friday as we head into the Labor Day weekend for the unofficial end of summer.

Also, we are playing from 1-4pm in Suttons Bay on Saturday, September 5th, for the Floatilla celebration.

New Date and Swapped Date
We have added Sunday, 8/16, to our schedule. It will also be our CD release party of "N3C," our first new disc in 8 years. Come on out...

We also have swapped Friday, 8/28 for Saturday, 8/29 with Goodboy. Hope to see you. FYI: Glen Lake football's first game is the 28th, home, against Frankfort. Bryan's son, Carson, is on the offensive line. Bring your cheer and go Lakers!!
CD Release Party
Sunday, 8/16, will be the "official" release party. The discs are here and we will have them for sale on Wednesday. Individual tracks can be purchased now on this site. We also will have them available on iTunes and CD Baby shortly.
Glen Arbor Open Again
It was quite a storm that rolled through a week ago Sunday. To say the landscape has changed is NOT an overstatement. Trees are still being cleared after the 100 MPH straight-line winds. Boonedocks, our summer home, got power back Friday afternoon and reopened on Saturday. We look forward to being back on the deck on Wednesday, 8/12. See you there....
New Third Coast's new CD, N3C, is done and being manufactured. It should be here and available for sale on Wednesday, August 5th! It has been 8 years since our last. We hope you enjoy it.
N3C Disc...
We are closing in on completion of a new collection of New Third Coast songs...N3C. The cover image is on the Home page and Images page. It is the first new disc from us since 2007. We hope you will like it. Early July...
Summer 2015!
The summer schedule for 2015 is posted. Put the dates on the calendar and we will see you out and about. Also, there may be a few additions as well as dates/time changes along the way. Be sure to check back periodically. Ahhh....the time of the year we endure 9 months for!
Monday, February 16th. 6-9. Part of 5 days of Mardi before Fat Tuesday. Come on out and get warmed up before you give it up for lent!
Schedule Is Posted
Looking forward to seeing YOU this winter. Hope there's a date that works! Also, there will be a few things added. Be sure to check back on occasion.
IS GOOD! No cancer...
Winter Schedule Up Soon....
The winter schedule is done. It should be up in the next day or two.
Johnny has completed his cancer treatment. Friday was his follow-up to determine his status. Results will be in on Tuesday, 12/9. We will post when we find out.
Thank You
Well, that was a fast summer. Thank you to all who came out and listened. We had fun with the addition of Doug Zernow....thanks to him. Thanks to those that come back year after year and support us. It means so much. Thanks for coming to Elk Rapids, or Northport, or Lakeview, or Glen Lake. Lastly, thanks to Bob and Stephanie Ewing for the venue and support of live music. You get it! What you have created continues to grow!

Check the schedule for updates and changes. Now, a little writing and a little rest. Enjoy the fall colors of the Leelanau....
Our Deepest Sympathies
August 23rd changed the county. After a tragic accident, we lost both Brian Nachazel and Drake Hendershot. The loss has sent shivers through Leelanau. Our prayers are with Brian's family. Drake was a member of the Boonedock's staff the past 2 summers. He was a Glen Lake student and known to most of us. Prayers to the Hendershot family as well. N3C was honored to be a part of Drake's memorial at the school.

Though gone, they will not be forgotten...
Johnny in Home Stretch...
As many of you know, John Kumjian was diagnosed with colon cancer late winter. He has been battling it since. He has been having to endure bi-weekly chemo therapy. He has now gotten through 8 sessions. There are 4 left. The end is in sight.

He made most of the summer's gigs with us. Thanks to Doug Zernow for playing the part of the "fourth coaster." His participation was wonderful. John's put a few pounds back on. He's got color back in his face. In summary, we believe the old Johnny is almost back. Thanks for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers.
Summer Schedule
Through the middle of July is up. The rest should be up by tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing all of you.
While we know Johnny's shared some of this with the Facebook world, we wanted to let everyone know. He has been diagnosed with cancer. Doctors describe it as stage 2 and are optimistic about his prognosis. They don't believe it has spread. He will go in for surgery on April 4th. We will update his status here as well.

This Wednesday, March 26th, we will be at Pearl's in Elk Rapids. It will be his last evening with N3C for a bit. Hope you can make it out to listen.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers!

As many know, John went through 3 tough weeks. Cancer was removed. Infection developed. They had to go back in. More cancer was found. It was removed. He had a rough stretch. He is now home. Recovering. Gaining Weight. Having Chemo. But...but...but...ready to get in the saddle. As summer starts, he is fully planning to play. Please come out and support him!
Where the Heck Did Summer Go?!?
Well....that time again to say, "Thank you!" Thank you to Robert and the entire crew of Boone Docks. What a great summer it was. Thanks to those that shared us with family and friends in their backyards. Thanks for letting us be a part of your union of two souls. Thanks for making us a part of your scrapbook of memories. So glad we could help you create them. Most importantly, thank YOU for listening. We give our all and it's nice to know you appreciate it. We are working on the winter schedule. Stay tuned.....
Jan Waling
It is with heavy heart that we announce the passing of our dear friend, Jan Waling. He was the quiet man behind the scenes who always made us sound better. He was responsible for the recording of our live CD, "It Is What It Is." He also kept things perfect for a sold out show on the Sledders deck we did with the Rivers' girls back in late January.

He lost his battle with cancer. He will be sorely missed. Long may he run....
Winter Schedule
The winter schedule should be up shortly. Stay tuned. Look for a Christmas week return at the Homestead and by the fire at Boone Docks!
Sunday, September 2nd, from 2-9pm (ish), the various acts who have taken the stage at Boone Docks will each perform a set to put a bow on the summer season. N3C will be from 6-7 and then joined by Jim Crockett from 7-8. Hope you can make it out as we bid what has been a marvelous summer farewell....
Just a couple dates left for the summer season. We've had a great time and hope you have as well! Tonight, Doug Zernow will be sittin' in as Johnny's away, prepping for the new school year. Friday, N3C is full steam. Sunday is Boonepalooza. Come out and wrap the summer up with us.

Also, the fall schedule should have a few dates coming. Check back regularly to see any late additions.
Website.... has had 43,000 visits the past year and 141,000 "hits." Know that we do our best to keep the site current and add content to let you know what's happening in the N3C world. Thanks for visiting...and listening.
The calendar is going up....check it out. Also, a few new pics for the January concert at Sledder's are being added. Hope to see you soon....
Winter Calendar posted! Check it out!!
Thank You!
Another summer come and gone......

N3C would like to say, "thank you." Thanks to Bob Ewing and the marvelous crew at Boone Docks. Thanks to the Homestead. Thanks to the TC Film Fest for including us again. We love being a part of it. Thanks to those that came to the concerts we gave the past couple months. Places like Beulah, Northport, and Lakeview. Thanks to Dunegrass for having us and keeping the music alive. Long may you run.

Most importantly, thank YOU, the listener. You are why we love playing. The response from fans over the years as they come back again and again push us on to do the very best that we can and to create new. Your continued support tells us we must be doing something right!

We are talking about a new's been 4 years since the last. Check the schedule. We'll probably have a few dates on the deck through the fall. You never know where you might catch us. We'll keep the calendar current...promise!

Gratefully and graciously,
Late Addition
Boone Dock's deck will be staffed and open the week before the big, end-of-Summer, Labor Day Weekend. So, N3C has added a day to the schedule. We will be on the Sun Deck on Tuesday, August 30th. Most likely, it will be from 6-9pm. Any changes will be posted as they become available.
Thank You Beulah.....
What a beautiful afternoon it was this past Sunday. We were invited to perform in concert at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Beulah. Remarkable venue, sound, views, and audience! Thank you so much for having us. We look forward to coming back. You know.......that'd be a great place to do a live recording. Who knows!
Alert! Alert!
FYI: N3C and Good Boy are swapping nights this week only - August 16th and 17th. N3C will be on the Boonedocks deck Tuesday the 16th. Emma Cook and Good Boy will be there the 17th. Next week will be back to your regular, scheduled programming.....that is all!

Summer 2011
The schedule is being posted today. A note of caution: it is version 1.0. There will most certainly be a few changes along the way. Be sure to check back before you venture out. We will update as soon as we make revisions.
Thank You
N3C would like to thank the crew at Beppi's, the powers-that-be at the Homestead, Bob Ewing and the gang at Boone Docks, and, specifically,......YOU! Thanks for listening and supporting our efforts. It was another great season.

Now we hope to begin assembling some new tracks for you for summer. Hope you make it to Art's on March 19th for our annual Irish Bash. And, for now,

By the way, Moomers opens this Friday, March 4th. Can warm weather be far behind?!?
Dunegrass 2011!
And so it continues........
N3C will once again be a part of the annual Empire Dunegrass Festival! We will be on the Main Stage at 4:30pm on Friday, August 5th. Hope to see you there. More details to follow as they become available. Check the posting on our calendar for changes.
Art's Tavern
We added our annual St. Pat's date at Art's to the calendar. We're off by a couple days, but it gives you Sunday to recover.... ;-)! Saturday, March 19th at 6:30pm, come in green and drink Guinness with us! This is always fun and always PACKED! Come early......
Alert! Alert!
The Great Indoor Folk Festival has changed from Saturday, February 12th, to Sunday, February 13th. We received word from Adair that this change was necessary, but that ALL of the previously scheduled acts and times remain the same. Tell your friends and we look forward to see you there.
N3C Stuff!
If you click on the "Bird Seed" link on our home page it will take you to a new page for us....."N3C Logo Wear." We'll be adding and changing "stuff" as we go. This should be fun!

We'd love to hear from you. What would you like to see? We'll try to add it! Tell us what you think.

Next time you're listening ask Patrick about web searchs and "New Third Coast Bird Seed." It's too much for us to explain here how the "Merch" tab got that title.
Winter Schedule Is Up!!!
If you've not looked, the winter dates are up. Come join us. Warm by the fire. Have a coffee drink. Enjoy the tunes and harmonies. See ya......
Boone Docks This Saturday
HEY!!! The weather is holding this autumn. The colors should be at peak this weekend. And, N3C will be on the deck Saturday night, October 16th! Come on out and enjoy the evening with us.

Also, new pics from our trip to Beaver Island are coming. We should have them posted soon.
Beaver Island
Wow! Lots of thanks here. First, thanks to the BI Chamber of Commerce for including us in the 9th Annual Bite of Beaver Island. It was a wonderful, widely attended event at the Parish Hall. Thanks to Island Airways for getting us back and forth. You were great. Thanks for Chris Skellenger for making N3C a quartet. Your talent and humor is always appreciated. Thanks to Joddy for "sittin' in." It was a nice touch to our sound. Thanks to Eric and Dana at the Beachcomber/Shamrock. What a fun, fun night! Let's do this again next summer!! And, especially, Joddy (again) and Beth Croswhite. Thanks for putting us up and the use of the truck. Your kindness, hospitality, and friendship will not be soon forgotten. When the studio is done, perhaps we can trek back and lay some tracks down. We can't wait to make our way to the island again.
Farewell Summer
Autumn starts tonight at 11:09pm. So, to put an exclamation point on the summer that was, join us for "Boonapalooza." This Sunday, September 26th, the various musical acts of this past season will each be playing a set. It should be alot of fun. 3 Hour Tour, Cabin Fever, Boondoggies, and, your fav, N3C. We take the stage starting at 1pm. Come help us say farewell to a great summer!
Bob Bernard and The Harvest Gathering
N3C was proud to once again be a part of the Earthworks Gathering at the farm in Lake City. What a great event! Seth - thanks for working us in. Mr. Crockett - nice new tunes. But, especially to Bob, the foundation of all of this - thanks for sittin' in on "The Last Believer." Those are the moments we, as performers, will ALWAYS remember. LONG MAY YOU RUN!!!
That Was Short!!!
Well, summer has come to an abrupt end! As this is composed it is overcast, rainy, gusts to 40mph, and TRULY autumn.

Thanks to Bob and all of the crew at Boone Docks. Another great summer. It was a joy to be out there with you. Thanks to those pickers and musicians that sat in. Jim Crockett. Andre Villoch. Chris Skellenger. Pat Harrison. And many, many more. Thanks to the other venues that gave us a listen; namely, the Film Festival and Dunegrass. We are proud to be a part of them!

But, most of all, thanks to YOU - our fans and followers. We love to play for you. The harmonies we make are for your enjoyment. Seeing folks come back again and again tells us we must be doing something right! (Or else you just gotta have a great beer on a hot summer night!)

Our thoughts are back around a new project. It's been 3 years since "It Is What It Is." We hope to gather new and unrecorded material onto a new disc. Stay tuned!

We will be adding a few dates on the deck this fall. We also should be showing up at some new venues as well. Some of these will come up on short notice. Be sure to check back.

Again, THANKS!! What a magnificent summer it was!!!!
Summer Schedule
Hey! We just wanted to let everyone know that the summer schedule will be posted in the next couple of days. FYI: we will be performing at the NMC Barbecue on May 16. The times will be up soon! Come on out to join us. Check back and come out to listen and relax.

Ernie Harwell
Mitch Albom said, "If baseball could talk, it would sound like Ernie Harwell." I got word late last night of his passing. There have been many, many tributes to him overnight and this morning. I would like to add mine.

Like many male "boomers" in Michigan, Ernie Harwell was Tiger baseball. I was consumed with the sport as a boy, spending most every summer day on the diamond with my pals from the neighborhood. And, most evenings, I would catch his play-by-play. I was always amazed that, when a foulball was hit, he knew where every fan in the park was from ("and a man from Reeds City, Michigan took that one home)....until I got a little older and realized he was just making it up!?! In the late innings, when the Tigers were way behind, he would say, "And the Tigers need instant runs." That was the jinx. I knew they were doomed the moment he said that! How about that Georgia accent calling out a homerun, "It's loooooooonnnngg gone!" Or the called third strike, "He stood there like the house by the side of the road." When the Tigers played on the west coast, I would go to bed with my earphone plugged into my transitor radio. The game wouldn't start until 10:30pm. I'd usually wake up about 2:30am with static piercing my ear, not knowing the outcome until later that day (remember: PRE-ESPN)!

A few years back, I was traveling on the Ohio Turnpike and made a stop for gas at one of the rest zones. As I got out of my car, who do I spy but Ernie Harwell. I mustered the courage to approach him. I told him what his humanizing the game nightly had meant to me growing up. He simply said, "Well, thank you." That was it. A minute and a half at the most. But, his taking a moment kept him a hero in my book.

It's been many years. But, when I hear a clip of Ernie's voice, I am 9 years old all over again. Mickey Stanley is on base, Kaline is coming to bat, and Cash is in the on-deck circle.

"For lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;
the flowers appear on the earth;
the time of the singing of birds is come,
and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land."

Ernie Harwell's opening at the beginning of Spring training each year from
The Song of Solomon

Farewell, sir, and thank you.

Bryan Poirier

N3C would like to say, "Thank you," for another great winter season. We appreciate everyone who came out and listened. The Homestead and Beppi's, Boone Docks, and Arts! We thank these venues for the support they have given us over the many years.

And now, it is on to spring! We are taking a little break. We are discussing another recording project. Everyone is writing. We plan to have much fresh material for the summer season. Be sure to check in from time to time!

50 degrees expected today! 58 on Thursday. And, spring begins on Saturday. The Tiger opener is a couple weeks away. Can summer and N3C on the Boone Docks deck be far behind?!?

Dunegrass! 2010
N3C is pleased to announce that we will be a part of this year's line-up at Dunegrass in Empire. The event is scheduled to run August 6-8. We will be appearing at 1pm on Saturday, August 7th. Details to follow as they become available.
Winter Schedule Coming!
Hey all! We've all had busy autumns. Johnny's enjoying doing some drumming with the Corvairs. Pat and Johnny have their hands full with school activities. Bryan's been holding clients' hands watching the economy recover! N3C took a little break to recover from summer. Now we're ready to jump back in.

The winter schedule should be posted within the next couple days. Come join us this Friday as we kick off the season with a benefit at the VI in Empire for Toys for Tots. Show starts at 8pm. Come listen and help the kids.

Merry Christmas from N3C
Fall's a Comin'
It is always a bit sad, but the summer is winding down quickly!?! It's been a hectic season to say the least. We look forward to a short break and getting back to our "other" routine. Thanks to all of those who gave us a listen. Thanks to Bob, Boone Docks, and the whole crew! Always a blast.

We are putting the fall and winter calendar together. We hope to be in a couple new venues as well. So, check back often to see what's up!

We are also talking about going back into the studio this fall and beginning work on a new project. It'd be the sixth collection for N3C and the third in this configuration. More as it develops.

We plan to add alot of new material over the off-season. Alot of new tunes are on the way. Enjoy your autumn. Get outdoors!?!

Westie Update
FYI: Kurt is home recovering. He continues to experience severe pain in his right shoulder and arm, but hopes to be pickin' again in a month or so. More later....
Grand Marais
What a great event! Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of such a special gathering. After storms rolled through Saturday night, the sun broke free during our set early Sunday afternoon. It was a kind, appreciative audience. We look forward to returning next year. It was an honor to perform "Captain McSorley" so close to the hallowed waters. Dave - what a great event! Ray - the sound was dead on! You made all of the difference!! Till next time.......
N3C was honored to have been associated with the 17th Annual Dunegrass festival. Patrick, the patriarch of the trio, has appeared in every single one. After the rain stopped, we hit the stage just about 12:30pm on Saturday. About half way through our set the sun emerged! What a great time.

Johnny and the Corvairs appeared on the second stage immediately after our show and got the blues going full tilt. They put on a great show.

Thanks again for all of the efforts of the VanderBerg Family. The intent of the festival was to bring it back to its roots. They did it. Hope to see you all there again next year.

Kurt Westie Update
It is our understanding that Kurt had his final surgery and went home over the weekend. His right arm is elevated with a metal post. We were told that he requested that, during the healing process, his arm be place in the perfect picking position so as to allow him to continue to noodle on his mando! Don't know yet if that request was honored!!

Continued best wishes for our friend as he heals from the horrible event.

Also, keep Dave Price, the person in the other car, in your prayers. He is not doing well and will be in Munson for a long time to come. The family has established a site to keep everyone abreast of his progress. It is slow to date.
2009 TCFF Soundtrack
Below is the link to this year's Film Festival Soundtrack. We are proud to have one of our songs affiliated with this marvelous event. Just copy and past the link into your browser to view the contents. It's another marvelous collection of songs offered up from the regions finest!
Thanks for listening. We'll be on the stage of the State Theatre a couple times on Wednesday. First at 11:30am and again at 2:30pm. Come hear us at this wonderful venue and stick around for the shows to follow!
Kurt Westie
We received word today that Kurt Westie, our friend, fellow picker, and member of Cabin Fever, was in a very serious head-on collison on M-72 yesterday just west of Bugai Road. The driver of the other vehicle had to be removed with the jaws of life and is in critical condition at Munson.

What we know as of this writing is that Kurt is stable, but will require surgery on his shoulder tomorrow, Thursday, July 23rd. He is at Munson Medical Center. As we get more, we will post it here, so check back from time to time. Please keep Kurt as well as the other driver in your thoughts and prayers. The image was in today's Record Eagle.

More soon........................
Ah! Summer!!!
LET THE SUMMER BEGIN!! N3C kicks off it's summer schedule on the deck TONIGHT! Come on out and join us. The weather will be comfortable. The rain will hold off. It's gonna be a great night!! Hope to see you there......
Thank You
N3C was in concert Saturday evening, June 13th, at the Community Center on Beaver Island. A few pictures have been posted from our brief time there.

We wish to thank Ann and all those part of the Beaver Island Community Center. You have a marvelous venue. We look forward to our return. Next time we plan to stay a few extra days! Long may you run!! Thanks to Seamus for including us in the rotation. And a very special, "thank you," to Joddy and Beth Croswhite. You were gracious hosts. Thanks for opening your home to us. The waffles were AMAZING! Especially with Robin's syrup on them!!

Joddy, take care of yourself. Your kind, gentle spirit and musicianship deserves to be here for much longer. We will keep you in our thought.

Till next time...........
TCFF and Dunegrass
N3C will once again have a song included on the Traverse City Film Festival soundtrack for the 2009 series. We will also be participating in this rapidly growing event. Stay tuned for the song and the dates we'll be playing.

Also, Dunegrass is going back to it's roots. Mike's family has taken it back over and look for a more "traditional" event. We look forward to our participation in, what had always been, a marvelous event.

Check back often. Summer is a moving target!!!
Summer Schedule
We are beginning to post the summer schedule. It's a bit of a moving target as of yet. So, be sure to check back periodically prior to trekking out to see us.
Two New Songs
Two new songs from N3C recorded live March 20th at Horizons during songwriters in the round. Jon Waling recorded the event and mixed it down. He is a good friend of ours and we thank him very much for his efforts towards live music.
Give a listen on the "Songs" tab.
N3C was glad to participate in the musical celebration that took place at the Inside Out Gallery on Sunday, April 19th, in support of WNMC. Sandy and the crew are long supports of N3C and regularly play our music. Special thanks to Mike and the I/O Gallery for hosting as well as Stella's for providing great food. Be sure to support WNMC, 90.7 on your FM dial!

Bill Hauxwell got some great shots of N3C as well as our backing up Jim Crockett at the event Sunday. We'll post a few of them very soon. He's just got to figure out how to e-mail more than 3 at a time!?! :-)

Dates are beginning to fill in. We have some new twists coming this summer. Be sure to check the calendar and come give a listen. We love performing, but we really love performing for you!

Look for a new project from Johnny's participation in the Corvairs. He, Angelo, and the guys have been working on it for a while and it's ready for pressing. We also hope to post a few new tunes to the site soon. Be sure to check the songs page.

Take care and see you soon,
March 2nd? Already?
It's nice to read things titled, "Late-winter," even if it's in conjunction with a storm. At least it's on the eastern seaboard and not on us!!

It's been a long, cold, snowy winter. It seems most everyone is ready for some warmer weather. Of course, for we folks of the great white north, it means a visit south. No, not Florida! The lower peninsula, eh! Join up with them, thar trolls below da bridge. So, Detroit, Lansing, or Grand Rapids will usually suffice! It's about 6-8 degrees warmer than here!

We want to say, "Thank you," to the Homestead, Beppi's, and all of the professional, courteous staff for sharing the season with us. Special thanks to Bob and Boone Docks for the fun they helped us serve up. Another winter season slips by. But, that can only mean summer on the Boone Docks stage and other venues is just around the corner!! Check early and often.

As a reminder, we will be at Art's on March 14th for the annual St. Patrick's Day Glen Arbor Pub Crawl. It will be SRO. Come have a Guinness!

We will also be at Horizon's downtown in TC on Friday, March 20th, for the songwriters in the round. It's always a treat to highlight our original music there in honor of all that Adair has put together. Please come on out!

If you just can't get enough of N3C, consider getting some friends to pitch in and hold a house concert. They are fun and intimate. We'll always keep the slick show going, but will cater to any requests you might have!!

Photos and Labor Day
Hey! We posted a few new (and old) pictures for you. Most are from the summer, but there's one from the Chili Cookoff as well as the LOC fundraiser with Andre and Norm last October. Be sure to check them out.

If you have some nice shots we could use, please forward them to Patrick. We are always looking for good pics to post. Thanks!

Also, check the schedule. We are on the deck Friday and Sunday over Labor Day weekend. Come out for the last big weekend of summer. The fall schedule is still being put together. Be sure to check back and come on out for a listen when the opportunity presents itself!! Back to school on Tuesday.

For those fisherfolks out there, Bryan says the salmon are bunching up off the mouths of most of the N. MI streams. They're catching them from the pier in Frankfort and they should start coming in over the next week to 10 days. Get your gear in order.
N3C Song on 2008 TCFF Soundtrack
Our version of Jim Crockett's "Last Believer" has been included on this year's Traverse City Film Festival soundtrack! It is quite flattering. This is becoming a huge event. We'll be playing in front of the CSN&Y documentary on Wednesday and Thursday as well as at the Open Space on Wednesday evening. Come on out as Hollywood and the Cherry Capital mix and mingle. Here's the link to get the soundtrack:
Just copy and paste it into your browser.
Thanks for listening,
PS: When we made the change to this new website format two years ago we were averaging about 40 visits a day. For the month of July, we have been averaging 180 visits a day!?! A four fold change in just two years. Thanks for following our efforts and thanks for appreciating the sound we strive to create.
Long May WE Run!
Summer Schedule Coming!
We are working through the details. We should have the schedule posted soon! Be sure to check back. Also, don't forget to drop us a thought on the blog page! We always love to hear from you.
Stephen Stills Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer
A day after Dan Fogelberg left us due to this frightening disease, Graham Nash made the announcement that Stephen Stills has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. It is believed that it has been caught early, so the likelihood of a successful treatment is very much in his favor. It was reported that he will be having surgery in January.

Okay boys! We're not boys anymore 'cept in our hearts and minds (and loins). You need to see your doctor regularly - at least annually. You need to have your PSA level checked and endure that brief moment of inconvenience and discomfort for the peace of mind of knowing your condition. If caught early, treatment is highly successful. If you don't do it for you, do it for those who care about you. There is no need for a premature departure. We don't want to lose a single family member or friend due to neglect. GET CHECKED!!!!

Enough of the sermon. See everybody soon and thanks for listening in '07. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Dan Fogelberg Dies at Age 56
It was announced yesterday, Sunday, December 16th, that Dan Fogelberg had passed away from prostate cancer. He was only 56 years old. Bryan has been a long-time fan and N3C does a few of his tunes in their show. Though his voice is silenced far too soon, his music will linger 'round campfires for years to come.

There is a joyous reunion with the "Leader of the Band" in heaven. He will be a welcomed member to God's orchestra.

God bless and rest in peace.....
Save The Wild UP
Go to our "Links" page and connect to The preservation of our beautiful UP is something very close to our hearts. Andy McFarlane from made us aware of the site. Be sure to listen to "A Letter From Downstream" from Daisy May. We doubt anyone can hold back the tears by the end of the song.

We are only stewards of the land. What will we leave the generations to follow?
Peak Weekend
Hey! It's been a packed fall between Marching Band, Stratford, football, cross country, and every other occupational, educational, and parental obligation you can think of that the trio has largely been on a brief hiatus. We've been picking up a few dates here and there when time allows. We'll be at Boone Docks Saturday night. It's tight quarters, but a very cozy setting for our music. Come on out and join us.

We should have our winter schedule glued together in the near future. Stay tuned and come on out and listen. We appreciate your support!

If you are looking for fall colors, this weekend will be the peak. With the warm weather we have had of late, the colors (and salmon) have been a bit confused. The salmon are late this year as are the maples! However, the cooler weather and rain have sparked both. Jump in the car and travel up for a color tour, fresh cider, and don't forget your rod!

See ya Saturday!!!
#1 on the WNMC Top 30
It Is What It Is! is number 1 on the WNMC Top 30 for the week of 8-23-07 a/o 8-28. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the local support we are receiving for this effort. We appreciate all of the listeners and coasters. Copy and paste this link to your browser to view it and check out the WNMC site.
Video Clip
Our website is hosted by Broadjam. They also provide a homepage to us similar to MySpace. If you go to there is a "Video" link. Click it and it will take you to a segment of the June 2nd concert. We hope you enjoy it. As always,
Thanks for listening!!!
Alert! Alert! Bob Ewing and Boone Docks will be hosting the official release party for "It Is What It Is!" It all takes place Friday, August 10th, on the big Sun Deck in Glen Arbor. Come on out and join us from 7-10pm for the fun as we launch our latest effort. There are 15 tracks, nearly all original, and about 70 minutes of music. We still have copies of last year's "Somebody Lived Here" as well.
Get Yer New Music Here! Just 99 Cents.
It Is What It Is!
If you've gotten here, you've already seen the cover for the new CD. It is at the manufacturer being duplicated. The master and the artwork have been received (along with our check) and we will have it available on Tuesday, July 24th at Boone Docks. Thanks to all who helped with the project and thanks to those who came out to listen.

We will be having a CD release party on the deck at Boone Docks. Once we decide on a date we will post it immediately. We greatly appreciate all of the coasters who listen and support us. Thank you!!
New Website Template
Time for a change. With the new CD we thought we'd add a platinum backdrop to our website. Perhaps it will be a sign of success for this new disc. Let us know if you do or don't like it.
Almost Done
We delivered the record for mastering a couple of days ago. It sounds pretty good. Bryan is working on the art and Johnny is working on replication. Everything points to a delivery date around the second or third week of July. Vedy, vedy, vedy soon....

Sunday, July !
Be sure to join us Sunday, July 1, at the Leland Lodge for an evening of songs. This is a new venue for us and the Lodge is hoping to build a Sunday concert series. They have a number of excellent artists lined up. We are fortunate to be a part of it. Again, Sunday, July 1, beginning at 6pm. See you there!!!
Jonathan Edwards
Thanks to the songwriters who participated in last Saturday's event. Many, many great ideas (and tunes) were shared. It was a blast to get up close and personal with someone out there "doing it." He's a grinder staying true to his art. We were so blessed to have him share his insights with us. The evening concert was magnificent and the unofficial "Bards" event, hosted by Adair, kept the songs going. This event, we hope, will become an annual event. We can't think of a better why to share the solstice.
Thank You
Thanks to all who were at Saturday night's big gig at The Old Art Building. We will be working vedy vedy vedy hard to get the CD together soon. Stem to stern, the whole evening was a great time!

Soft rock on!!


PS: Bill Hauxwell and Andy McFarlane took a ton of pics of the evening. We should have a few of them posted soon.
Live Recording Coming!!!
Sound the trumpets! Beat the drums!! A live CD from New Third Coast is in the works!!! On June 2nd at 7:30pm at the Old Art Building in Leland, N3C will record their performance. The working title is, "It Is What It Is." We will have it for sale for the summer. It will have several new songs as well as a few old favorites. Expect a few guest performers as well.

We hope all of our friends and Coasters plan to attend this event! Get the word out. One if by land...oops, wrong story. Seating is limited at this venue. Help us pack the place. Jon Waling will be providing the audio and Seamus will be helping us with promotion.

"It Is What It Is"
The Old Art Building in Leland.
June 2nd, 2007

Come on out!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be there as we record this moment in time.
Summer Schedule Coming Soon!!!
The summer schedule is being put together as we speak. We should have it posted within the next few days. Check back early and often!!
Neil's Garage
Check out N3C's new listing on Neil Young's website "Neil's Garage"...we are under the new listings section with the song "Would I". Thanks to Adair for the head's up.....
New Photos
We've uploaded a couple of new shots from our performance at the Inside Out Gallery last month. It was time for a new front page image anyway! Thanks Bill for the disk!! Keep 'em rollin'.
New Third Coast can also be found on third coast. Check it gets more interesting every day...
Union Street Station
Wow! What a blast!! Thanks to all who participated last night. We are truly blessed with some amazing talent in our scenic area. Norm, Adair, Skelly, Paul, Robin, Nathan, Jim, and, of course, yours truly, N3C. Thanks to USS for hosting this wonderful event and thanks to Seamus for all of his efforts. The turnout was marvelous and we ran over by 1/2 hour. This was really a show. Next time it should be at the Opera House. How would that be?!? Don't be surprised....
Thanks to everyone at Beppi's (the "Homestead") and Boone Docks for a fun winter season. We look forward to next winter. Make sure you check out Boone Docks in Glen Arbor this Saturday (February 24) as N3C welcomes Chris back for an evening of memories (do you think we can pull off Suite: Judy Blue Eyes? never know!).

Also, don't forget Art's Tavern for St. Patricks day and Horizon Books at the end of March. Until we meet up again.....

The calendar is always changing. Check back early and often!
Muskegon Visit
We want to say, "Thanks," to Dave, Shirley, Lou, and Diane at Quiet Faith Productions for hosting us yesterday at the Muskegon Museum. There was a nice turnout of appreciative "Coasters." We had folks hike over from as far away as Portland and Mount Pleasant. Thank you!!

We greatly respect the Quiet Faith folks and are humbled by their support. Also, look for a "Folk Festival" north of Muskegon this summer coordinated by Quiet Faith and assisted by N3C. It was bandied about at the dinner table after our concert. We'll keep you up to date on the details as they become available.

Thanks for listening!!

P.S. Be sure to check out the images forwarded to us of the Selkirk Settler in heavy seas. We posted a couple of them in the "Images" page. ...We're holding our own...
Skellenger's Journal
Chris Skellenger has arrived in Belize. His journal is up and running. In true Chris style, it is filled with serious stuff, a couple requests, and his flair for finding humor in any situation. Copy and paste this to your address window above to follow his month-long adventures.

His journal most likely appears at as well.
The Blog Gatekeeper
It is remarkable to us. Someone finds a blog site and is compelled to post their advertising (and we use that term loosely) in hopes of finding a dolt dense enough to click on their link and fork over their hard-earned funds for erectile disfunction assistance, online gambling, credit card offer, an outstanding "teaser" rate on an interest-only mortgage, etc. You get our drift.

We have taken the time to construct this site. We want 3rd Coasters to be able to be informed of our songs and schedules. We want them to be able to send us greetings as well. But, some foul, freeloading slob feels the need to add their garbage like a disease attaching itself to a host. We are averaging about 20 of these ridiculous posts everyday. We have in place a barrier that requires us to approve them prior to appearing on the blog. It's a good thing. It's also a sad thing and a disheartening commentary about the state of our society.

Keep watching and listening. And, please feel free to post. We'll make sure the worthy stuff gets through and appears on the blog!


Central American Music Fest
From Chris Skellenger's e-mail:

"Hey Everyone,

Last minute reminder about the Central American Music Fest on Sunday, Nov. 19th at the Hayloft on M72 West in Traverse. It starts at 2 pm sharp and goes till they throw us out.

2-3 the original 3rd Coast with Dick Anthony
3-4 the original Michael Camp
4-5 the Corvairs, Mr. K on drums
5-6 the original Big Sky with Pat, Murph, and Dane
Times are approximate and subject to change as impromptu jamming breaks out!

Don't miss this 're-union' or some of Leelanau's, umm, oldest performers.... oooh, that didn't come out right!"

Please come out and support Chris and Susan in this noble effort. You can visit their website,, for more detail on the endeavor.
Grand Rapids
Thanks to all of those who ventured out on a wet Saturday evening to listen to N3C and chose us over the Tigers. See, we said they were due for a loss!!Baker Auditorium is a wonderfully intimate setting for a concert. We wish to thank the GRFAS for having us and we look forward to returning in the future.

After the concert N3C headed downtown to The Bob and played for an hour with David Cisco. What a wild place!! David had full command of the crowd. And a crazy crowd it was. We had a lot of fun. Thanks to David and The Bob.
Grand Rapids Visit
We leave the confines of our beloved Leelanau to trek to Grand Rapids this weekend. Please come out and listen at 8pm Saturday at Grace Bible College. Yes, it's also game 1 of the World Series. Yes, it also starts at 8pm. Yes, we will try to have a radio available to give regular updates. But, hey, they've won 7 in a row. They're bound to lose one here...and still win the series. Who are "THEY" you ask? Why, the Tiggers of course. Most of you can RECORD the game!! Tape the game and come on out. We are LIVE!!! The venue is supposed to be superb.

Coming up, but not on the calendar yet, is another fundraiser for Chris Skellenger and his crusades. His efforts are admirable, but he needs help. On Sunday, October 29th, at the Village Inn in Empire is a pickers party. The old Big Sky with Murph, Dane, Chris, and Pat will play. Various incarnations of 3rd Coast will appear. Andre' Villoch will be there. Paul Koss. Pickers to be named later. Join us as we help Chris as he prepares for his next global effort. The anticipated time is 2-7pm. To see what Chris is up to please copy and paste into your browser. More to follow!!!
Must Be Fall!!!
Boy, summer is seriously over! Yes, we are still alive. But, school's back in session for Pat and John and Bryan's office moved. Too much happening. Football, Cross Country, Pep Band, yada, yada, yada. Today is October 5th. For those downstate, the colors are coming on strong. You can almost always count on the peak around the 15th of October. It feels like it will be earlier than that this year. Peak will probably be around this Sunday or early next week. Same with the salmon fishing. It seems to be peaking earlier this year as well. It was an amazing thunderstorm here around 11pm Tuesday evening. Extremely intense. We got about 2 inches of rain overnight. Hopefully, we'll have some new pictures up soon. Take care for now. N3C
A small change needed to be made to the Comments/Blog page. We will need to approve any posts prior to them appearing on the web page. The reason? We had to delete a dozen viagra/cialis ads that got posted to the sight. We aren't surprised. The only surprise was the speed with which they found our sight to post their garbage. We can turn the feature on and off as needed. If they get bored by not seeing their posts immediately and go away we will turn the guard back off. Thanks for understanding.
A Few Changes
We have the benefit of modifying the template as wanted or needed. We were told by a few folks that the calendar was a bit hard to read (too small a print for older eyes). So, hopefully this will be better. We are having fun with the new website. Keep watching for changes. We posted a couple of Keith Burnham's Leelanau County barn photos on the Images page. We hope you like them.
We had a nice crowd that rallied for the early show Saturday morning at Dunegrass. Thanks to all who came out. Thanks to Norm Wheeler for sittin' in with us. We loved how he blew Revelly to roust the campers. It is a wonderful event and we hope that it continues far into the future.
Flash: Chris Skellenger Turns 50!?!?
There was a party at the Wah Saturday night, July 29th, to celebrate our dear friend, Chris Skellenger, turning 50 years young. After our gig, we made our way back. Much music was being made. At 3:30am music was still being made?! So, should you see this young man be sure to say, "Happy Birthday!" May the harmonies of life continue to surround you!
Here it is! The new New Third Coast website. We plan to make it much more interactive. Give us a bit of time to smooth out the program, but the goals are to keep it current, add items and images as they become available, and allow for you to partake and share. There is a comments/blog for your thoughts. You can contact any of us via e-mail or be added to a mailing list with a simple click. As example, Pat is We bet you can figure out John's and Bryan's!! Let us know what you think!!!

It Is What It Is!