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Thanks for listening....for coming out and supporting our musical effort. We know you have many choices pulling at you. We never take for granted the many folks who come find us and share in this collective we call life. It is late summer. We are tired. And, that is as deep as we intend to get!
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Oklahoma Wind
Oklahoma Wind
John Kumjian (ASCAP ©2006)

They never knew it was on its way
The morning sun burned in the sky
Kids went to school, others off to work
Farmers tend to fields of wheat and rye
Something looms on the horizon
Bigger things were in store for us that day
On May 3rd, 1999
Mother Nature will have her way

Oklahoma Wind keeps on blowing from the west
Brings along a sense of nature?s awe and power
Oklahoma Wind never lets you stay in one place,
Brings along a different face in each hour - Oklahoma Wind

People ran for their shelters
As the wind began to roar
Hiding underground is all they can do
With the monster knocking at their door
Five minutes later, there was nothing left
Homes and cars, lives and dreams
And as that chestnut sun sets on the western sky
Thirty eight lives lost it seems


What can we do, when Mother Nature has its way?
Where do we go to hide from hell?
God only knows the fate of all who dance
In the prairie?s mighty storms only time will tell?.

Cities rise up from the rubble
Normal life returns too soon
How we forget the awesome power
And the impending doom, of the?.


Oklahoma Wind?..Oklahoma Wind?.
Oklahoma Wind?.Oklahoma Wind?.

Lyric Credits: John Kumjian
Music Credits: John Kumjian
Producer Credits: John Kumjian
Publisher Credits: John Kumjian
Performance Credits: John Kumjian
Song Length: 5:13
Primary Genre: Folk-Contemporary
Secondary Genre: Country-Contemporary
Tempo / Feel: Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Mood 1: Worried
Mood 2: Moving
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later

It Is What It Is!