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Back On My Feet
Back On My Feet
John Kumjian (ASCAP ©2006)

Got a call about a week ago from an old friend of mine
Just checkin? in, seein? what?s new. Guess I?m doin? fine
Been ten years or longer, been a long, long time. Well I?m?.

Back on My feet again
No lookin? back at where we?ve been
Back on my feet again?

Did a little time, for dealin? dime, rehab after that
Got so drunk I nearly died when I burned down my old flat
Lost my wife; lost my job; nearly lost my hat. Well I?m?.


Well I?m callin just to let you know, I?m moving to your town
Hope to come a-callin? soon and I hope you?ll be around
Should be there in a day or two, your address I have found. Glad I?m?.


Well he said good-by and I said, ?Good luck, Joe? and we wished each other well,
I was lookin? forward to my friend and the stories we would tell


Well I got another call about an hour ago, from another dear friend of mine
Did you hear about old Joe, he just died from a life of crime?
Robbed a liquor store just the other day, for a measly bottle of wine
Now he?s buried six feet my friend, never lookin? back again
Buried six feet my friend

Well there?s a lesson to be learned from this, and it isn?t very hard to take
You can?t be lookin? at the past, lookin? at every mistake
Take a forward glance, a forward stance, live a decent life for heaven?s sake
So we can stay on our feet my friends, no lookin back at where we?ve been
Stay on our feet my friends.

Lyric Credits: John Kumjian
Music Credits: John Kumjian
Producer Credits: New Third Coast
Publisher Credits: John Kumjian
Performance Credits: New Third Coast
Song Length: 4:26
Primary Genre: Folk-Contemporary
Secondary Genre: Country-Contemporary
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Friend
Subject Matter 2: Judgement
Mood 1: Passive
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later

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