From the recording N3C

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It's a warm summer evening in this little, northern town
Out in my backyard, lying on the ground.
It's calm all around me; feel the stillness of the air
Perceive the quiet solitude, that's often present there.
Watch the stars above me, twinkling in the night,
Sending out a message that she's coming home tonight.

I want to dance, dance with the northern lights.
Want to feel her energy, want to feel her touching me.
I want to dance, dance all through the night.
I can feel her energy, I can feel her touching me,
Dancing with the northern lights.

It starts with just a shimmer and sweeps across sky
Arms reach out to hold me and beckon a reply
We dance and dance for hours, illuminate the night
I reach out in the shadows and I touch her face of light.
Her movements mesmerizing, an ethereal hurricane,
She is my dancing partner; Aurora is her name.


Alive with anticipation, waiting for the start
An evening like no other, revelry for the heart.
Then suddenly as she appears, she starts to fade away
Dreaming into darkness, yet her spirit's here to stay

I was dancing, I was dancing, oh I was dancing,
dancing with the northern lights
I've been dancing, oh I've been dancing,
I was dancing, dancing with the northern, dancing with the northern,
Dancing with the northern lights.