Calendar Updates... 

The Art's Irish celebration is back.  The last two years we've been forced to miss it.  Come out as life starts to look "normal" again.  Black and tans and corned beef and cabbage.  And, of course, Danny Boy.  

Also, the return to Lake Ann Brewing is posted to the calendar.  Should be a limericky summer.

Happy New Year  

On Christmas morning, we were wishing each other the best.  We were all glad to see 2020 ending and looking forward to 2021 and the chance to play again.  A little later, Patrick shared the attached track with us.  He has been recording many of our shows with the new mixing board.  Here is one of those!  What a great present!  Last week we used to refer as "Hell Week," meaning it was a gig every night - just a busy time normally between Christmas and New Year's.  This year - crickets.  We miss playing.  We miss you.  We miss being out and sharing what we love to do.  

So, as Patrick shared a present with us, now we share that present with you.  Let's hope 2021 helps us find "normal" again.  FYI:  The start of our summer run at LABC has been moved up to June 1st - things are getting better.  More to follow......


Lakeview Review 

Joe Tilton wrote a review of our recent, 7/29 Concert in the Park for the Lakeview Area News.  Below is his article......thank you, Joe.  We look forward to coming back soon.  Great setting....great town...great folks!  

MIP Scores Big – Joe Tilton 

          Strong praise was heard about “New Third Coast,” the trio who played and sang for Music in the Park on Wednesday the 29th, but they were still a surprise; a good surprise. 

          Ask anybody on earth what good music is, and there’s a different opinion from every one, but somehow, New Third Coast brings more consensus to the term “good music” than most anybody who has played for Lakeview’s audiences. 

          The first thing noticed was; no drums. Still, amid the three voices and six instruments, a “kick” was heard keeping precise rhythm to the power-folk, self-described group. During the single set of 19 songs, the desire to go up there and find the origin of the bass-drum sound was strong. The only thing making sense was the bass player’s right foot tapping in rhythm. Sure enough, it’s called a “Porch-Floor Bass,” which is plugged into the sound system, authentically replicating a bass drum sounding every down beat. 

          But, that wasn’t the only curiosity. They mixed two acoustic guitars with a four-string electric bass to open the show, which was “Home in the Country.” Immediately, the vocal blend was captivating in the Crosby, Stills & Nash style. 

          About the time a solid respect for lead guitar skills was established,   keyboard styling on the Korg synthesizer was eyebrow rising, as if recognizing a comparable keyboard skill. But switching instruments didn’t end there. The same lead-guitar player later picked up the five-string bass and kept going, handing the lead to the former bass player who now showed amazing skill on the mandolin. Dang! Where do we go from here? 

          Tasteful key changes, intricate chords with occasional sevenths and thirteenths added, spiced originals and cover songs to provided a very surprising cohesiveness between members Patrick Niemisto, John Kumjian and Bryan Poirier, all with music degrees. 

          New Third Coast satisfied the need for rhythm variety by going for a Texas two step with “$10 Bucks Worth of Reg'lar,” to “Three Quarter Time” (a mandolin solo) and a driving 4/4 novelty tune, "Dig What You Do." Their musicianship shone on their original, “The Way Life’s Supposed to Be,” which can be seen on YouTube. (But it’s better live!) 

          That relaxed feeling of, “Yep, no more tension because they might mess up; they are that good,” came with the current rendition of the 60’s original, “Four Strong Winds.” Add, “Teach Your Children Well” to their list of seriously-relevant tune selections. Another stand-out was, “You can Only Hold so Much in your Hand.” A popular Michigan subject is the ship, Edmond Fitzgerald, but their song saluted the captain and crew, making us listen carefully to the lyrics. A message to make one think came through, “The Cost of Freedom.” And, this is group prompted an encore; the first since this reporter has been attending Music in the Park. 

          A few times there was talking in the audience, which was particularly sad since these three professional musicians were so worth serious attention. But, they took it in stride and invited dancers to the front to capture attention. 

          With their own sound system and seated during the show, the initial observation of “this is different,” changed to “we’re going to like this,” within the first few notes. If they return to Lakeview, and pray they will, bring your friends. This is the best non-famous group you may ever hear. Why are they not crazy famous?  Most groups have one serious stand-out performer, but New Third Cost members are all skilled and well balanced musically, and by all appearances, mentally too. (There was never a question about the last point.)

Lakeview and Lake Leelanau 

A couple items to note....The Music in the Park in Lakeview, MI is a go for Wednesday, 7/29, starting at 7pm.  If you are in the area, please stop by.  It is a great venue for music.  Next, the Lake Leelanau Street Party for 9/2020 has been cancelled due to COVID.  They have already asked us to play for the 2021 event.  It is scheduled for 9/11/2021.  Hopefully, there will be no need for masks at that point!  

Get out and support live music where you can....and stay safe.  Together, we will get through this.  


Tentative Schedule.... 

As the Who's once said to Horton...."WE ARE HERE!  WE ARE HERE!"  Been a while, but a tentative schedule has been posted.  We will start the summer run at Lake Ann Brewing on 6/16 and Boonedock's on 6/22.  We also have a couple Friday/Saturday dates at Boonedock's including 6/13 which will launch the season.  Be sure to check the calendar for changes.  For the time being, our HopLot dates have been suspended as they are not running music during this period.  We do not know yet how this will all look, but are hopeful to help in the return to normalcy.  We hope to see you - sing loud and proud!  Just think how good that beer is going to taste.....

LABC 2020 

Confirmed as of last night, Tuesday, 8/6.  N3C will return for our Tuesday run, Summer, 2020!!  Now, let's finish Summer, 2019 off with a bang.  

6/24/2019 Cancelled 

Due to the continued marvelous weather we have been experiencing here in Northern Michigan, tonight's festivities on the Big Sun Deck at Boonedock's have been cancelled.  In lieu of performing this evening, we will be pounding nails as we continue the rebuild of Noah's Ark!  Sheesh.....this stuff can end ANYTIME!  

Saturday, 5/11, 6:00PM Start! 

Saturday's summer preview at Lake Ann Brewing has been moved up from 6:30 to 6 start.  It is supposed to be in the low 60's, but temps could drop quickly.  Dress warm and come on out.  We are really going to try and get this done outside on the big, front porch stage out back.  Remember, warm, dry thoughts...

Summer, 2019 Schedule is Up!  

The summer schedule is largely together.  The regular dates will be Boonedock's on Mondays and Lake Ann Brewing on Tuesdays.  Check the schedule for changes.  Hope to see you out and about with the warmer weather.  


New Third Coast would like to welcome you to our new website.  It is a work in progress at the moment, as we pull previous information over as well as bring the site into this century.  We will be adding lots of content.  We hope you like it.  Let us know what you think!