Happy New Year 

On Christmas morning, we were wishing each other the best.  We were all glad to see 2020 ending and looking forward to 2021 and the chance to play again.  A little later, Patrick shared the attached track with us.  He has been recording many of our shows with the new mixing board.  Here is one of those!  What a great present!  Last week we used to refer as "Hell Week," meaning it was a gig every night - just a busy time normally between Christmas and New Year's.  This year - crickets.  We miss playing.  We miss you.  We miss being out and sharing what we love to do.  

So, as Patrick shared a present with us, now we share that present with you.  Let's hope 2021 helps us find "normal" again.  FYI:  The start of our summer run at LABC has been moved up to June 1st - things are getting better.  More to follow......


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