From the recording N3C

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Things found while driving
Have changed the course I know
Road signs and byways
And lesser traveled roads
Pavement or gravel
Or 2-tracks I have roamed
All showed me something
Another way to home

Beside my father
The country going by
Or through the city
The hurry in their eyes
Then take the wheel
And freedom I had found
Only to learn that
It all will come around

Each fork in the road
Each turn that I chose
All led me to something
And that's you......

Leaving for college
In the mirror was my home
And then a freeway
Out there on my own
Come home for Christmas
The time always seemed brief
And then the visits
Grew farther in between


I know that mile by mile I had to go
To earn, smile by smile, the love I know

All led me to something
It led me to someone
And that's you