From the recording N3C

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22, he's comin' home after four long years away
Basking in the glory of his graduation day
The workin' years lie just around the bend
But, tonight he'll spend with family and friends

Go get the good stuff out
Down from the backroom shelf
Go get the good stuff out
Celebrate what life's about

His newborn son is sleeping lying safely in his bed
At 3AM he'll wake them up demanding to be fed
Through candlelight and glasses lifted high
A toast to the shine in daddy's eye


Successes and the farewells
The honors wishing you well
Holdin' back the tears and catch our breath
Marking moment by moment from life to death

For 60 years he worshipped her for better or for worse
Tonight he said goodbye as her spirit left this earth
He knows she's waiting on the other side
In his heart she is still his blushing bride

Chorus Twice

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh