From the recording It Is What It Is! Live!

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I've wondered for years about those trees that stand watch over the barn near this old farming community. It's now part of the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore. If they could talk, as I am sure they do to each other, this might be the tale they would tell.


Ever Close
Bryan Poirier
Manitou Passage Music, ASCAP ©2007

These hills have changed since we were young
The land had the promise of a field fresh-turned
A well-worn two-track for a road
And fill the ruts when spring returned

He placed us when each child was born
The rings of life growing so limber
The hope of May became the feast of fall
And then we stood against the winter

We look out over this meadow
Four stately sentries at their post
The land moves through our marrow
Brother pines growing ever close

On summer winds stretching towards the sky
Shade for the lovers in a warm embrace
Birds made their home within our boughs
The children used us as their home base


Time came that they were going to fell us
The farmer stayed their hand
"I've watched them grow just like my children."
"Their fates with nature in the end."

The farms no more; we're now a park
The children's children have long since gone
It's written down that we're to be preserved
We still stand watch from dusk till dawn

Brother pines growing ever close