From the recording It Is What It Is! Live!

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Upon deciding the title of the new disc, it dawned on us that we didn't have a song by that name. Bryan had the idea of a blues tune for Johnny and a few of the lyrics. Johnny ran with the riff, changed keys, gave it a true "blues" structure, and, voila


It Is What It Is!
Lyrics by Bryan Poirier, Manitou Passage Music c2007
Music by John Kumjian, c2007

You yield to the aftermath
And rarely stray from a well-worn path
To put it another way
"Don't dream your life away."

Why worry what you can't fix
Just hope for a few good licks
It's neither good or bad
You can't lose what you've never had

It is what it is
It means what it means
You just cannot deny
Cross my heart and hope to die
It is what it is

They refuse to spell it out
But there's alot to talk about
They claim the evidence is here
There's a bug in the president's ear

So they bang the drums of war
Till we can't take it anymore
Now our young people pay the price
For the cost of bad advice

It is what it is
It means what it means
You may as well resign
This is nature's grand design
It is what it is


1/2 Verse
In thirty seconds things will change
And what is will be rearranged
It's all alot of noise
In the end, it's your own choice

Chorus x2